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Carbeen Pastured Produce

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Carbeen is a 549Ha mixed farming property located at Manildra in Central West NSW. Rodger and Katherine Shannon along with their two children manage their property using Holistic Management principles. They are the fourth generation of Rodger’s family to farm Carbeen.

Natural behaviours and following natural patterns is key to our healthy functioning ecosystem

Allowing animals to express their natural behaviours and follow natural patterns is key to a healthy functioning ecosystem and the result is nutrient dense, delicious, ethically raised produce. Taste the difference. Produce available from this diverse farm includes pasture raised eggs, pasture raised chicken, duck and lamb.

BLOCK 11 – Certified Organic Vegetables

Greg and Katie Kocanda’s organic vegetable farm is located in the cool climate region of Mount Canobolas at Nashdale in the Central West of NSW. Block 11’s certified organic, rich volcanic soils enables Greg to grow the best organic vegetables in the Central West.

Our seasonal produce boxes include certified organic vegetables from Block 11. The produce is packed and shipped within days of picking – ensuring that you receive your fruit and vegetables at their freshest and best.

Packed and shipped within days of picking – ensuring that you receive your fruit and vegetables at their freshest and best

Here’s a list of the certified organic seasonal fruit and vegetables you might find in your produce box: Throughout the winter growing season you’ll have lettuces, broccoli, turnips, kale, celery, cabbage, silverbeet, leeks and carrots. During summer months you’ll be treated to delicious watermelon, rockmelon, eggplant, capsicum, corn, chilli, beetroot, fennel, carrots, broccoli, onions and lettuce.



Down to Earth Produce Farmers Tim & Emily Salmon

If you enjoy succulent tasty lamb then you will love the high quality 100% Australian, free range, grass-fed lamb from Down to Earth Produce. Tim and Emily Salmon run ‘Ambleside’ – a third generation family run farm situated on the slopes of the Blue Mountains near Oberon in NSW.

As guardians of the land they have a vested interest in managing the farm in a practical, sustainable and progressive way. Down to Earth Produce has NSW Food Safe, LPA and MSA accreditation.

“We have immense passion for growing honest, high quality, grass-fed lamb for our customers and love sharing our passion with consumers”.

In your Seasonal Produce Box you can expect a selection of top quality grass fed lamb or beef cuts, trimmed of any surplus fat and silverskin, ready to cook for your everyday meals or special occasions:

  • Tender lamb chops sliced from the mid loin of the lamb
  • 100% pure prime lamb mince and no additives, made from selected lean lamb cuts ground to a medium-coarse consistency for the perfect texture
  • Tender beef mince from grass-fed, paddock-reared beef
  • Lamb rump roast – Crisp and tasty when cooked
  • Handmade, gluten free sausages made with prime offcuts of our grass-fed beef or lamb.

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